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We start where the high street stops.

Your clients will not always fit the strict criteria of a high street lender. Despite this, there are many alternative options available to you and your clients. Our Specialist Mortgage panel help intermediaries throughout the UK to place their complex cases and find a solution for their clients.

Whether it’s purchase transactions for home movers or first time buyers; remortgage cases both pound-for-pound or with capital raising; or even clients with an unencumbered property – Our team of highly skilled advisors have the product knowledge and sourcing system to quickly find the right option for your client.

So, the next time you’re faced with a first charge case you can’t place, think TLE.


  • Max age 85
  • Fast completion
  • 85% LTV available
  • Flexible income ratios
  • Mortgages starting from £10,000
  • Purchase and Remortgage Products
  • Non-standard property type and construction
  • Residential, CBTL and Unencumbered accepted
  • Fixed rates, trackers and interest only options available
  • Right to buy and shared ownership properties accepted - remortgage and purchase
  • Help with any legal purpose, including debt consolidation, home improvements, property purchase / deposit, tax bill and lease extension
  • Recent adverse credit considered including: defaults, CCJs, secured arrears - Most adverse credit ignored by lenders if >2 years old

What are Specialist Mortgages?

A specialist mortgage is a solution your clients can get when they do not fit a high street lenders criteria. In other words, it enables your clients in complex circumstances to get the financial solutions they need to achieve their goals.

If your clients have been turned down elsewhere there are alternative options, which is where our experts fit in. With access to a range of lenders, our team provides a variety of specialist first charge solutions to clients, and most importantly they’re great at doing it.

Types of Specialist Mortgages

Our team can support clients who want to purchase or re-mortgage.

We can primarily help with clients who have been declined by high street lenders due to:

  • Adverse credit / low credit score - including CCJs, defaults, missed payments on credit and mortgages;
  • Indebtedness or affordability;
  • Income types – Variable pay elements, multiple income sources, day rate workers, <2 years self-employed;
  • Maximum borrowing age;
  • Income proof

On any purchase or re-mortgage cases, our team will complete the fact find, sourcing, advice and packaging, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Remortgage Property Types

Some clients may struggle to find a re-mortgage product with a high street lender, due to the type of property they own.

Our team can help your clients, even if they have a non-standard property type or construction. We have a variety of products that can assist with the following:

  • Unencumbered;
  • Consumer Buy to Let;
  • Residential

Bad Credit Mortgages

Many of your clients may have difficulties purchasing or re-mortgaging with a high street lender, due to a bad, poor or adverse credit history.

Luckily, we have products available that are specifically designed to assist these types’ of clients. So, if you have clients who need help with a bad credit mortgage, we may have the solution. Areas that we can help with include:

Late or missed payments - Having late or missed payments on loans, credit cards or other bills can bring challenges for your clients. However, we have products available that can help clients in this exact situation, allowing them to secure the finance they need to undertake their plans.

Mortgages with a CCJ –Another factor that can really impact a client’s credit profile is if they have any CCJs, particularly if these have not been settled. Getting a mortgage with a CCJ is not always easy, as many lenders may not accept applications from these types of clients at all. But, we have some lenders who will, meaning that your clients may get the solutions they need, despite their credit background.

Mortgages with a default–Similarly, defaults can also affect your client’s credit profile and hinder your ability to find a suitable mortgage product with a high street lender. As specialists in the market, we have solutions that may allow your clients to get a mortgage with a default, provided it did not occur in the last 12 months.

We assess every client on a case by case basis and will do everything possible to find them the right solution, regardless of their credit background. So, if you have any clients who need help getting a bad credit mortgage, simply call our friendly team on 0800 032 9595 or use our quick quote calculator to get an idea of what they might be eligible for in minutes.

For all Specialist First Charge Mortgage enquiries, please call our team of experts on 0800 032 9595 or you can send us more details using our Enquiry Form and we'll call you. Alternatively, you can obtain an indicative online quote here.

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Specialist mortgages and buying schemes

Some clients may have their options restricted when it comes to purchasing or re-mortgaging due to buying schemes. Whether it’s a right to buy, shared ownership or standard mortgage, we may be able to help.

The buying schemes we can assist with include:

Right to Buy

  • No maximum LTI
  • Loans up to £500k
  • LTV = 75% of market value
  • Purchase and Remortgage

Shared Ownership

  • No maximum LTI
  • Loans up to £500k
  • LTV = 75% of market value
  • Purchase and Remortgage

Remember, to make an enquiry to our experts please call 0800 032 9595 or submit an Enquiry Form and we will give you a call. To get an understanding of the type of products your clients may be eligible for, simply use our quick quote tool.

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Key Information

Borrow from £10,000 to £1,000,000

Repayment terms from 1 to 40 years

All income types considered

Most credit profiles accepted

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